Paste Ink Division


Triple Roller Mills

We have deployed four triple roller mills (TRMs) for our operation. Sithara has installed two fully hydraulic TRM Swiss machines from Buhler, the SDX600 and the SDW800, one more new hydraulic TRM from Fluid Tech India, along with a Mechanical TRM from Day International, USA.

These machines have been designed to meet the highest production and quality demands that Sithara adheres to, with wear-resistant rolls that guarantee consistency in output. The TRMs also guarantee high operator safety levels, enabling easy operation and quick cleaning.



For mixing and kneading and/or dispersion of the fine solid and liquid raw material we use for the production of our inks, Sithara has installed three variant multi-purpose mixers; An Inoue Planetary Mixer and a Pony Mixer, both machines imported from Japan. The third is a Twin-Shaft Mixer imported from Fluid Tech India. We have always updated our mixing machinery according to the development of raw material and formulations used for our products.

Liquid Ink Division


Horizontal Bead Mills

We have imported four types of tried and trusted bead mills for our wet grinding and dispersing processes from global giants in the industry. Our HM-15 Machine is from Sussmeyer, Belgium, and we have also installed the K-60 from Swiss innovators Buhler. The ESW.1 Bead Mill was brought in from ELE, China.

Recently we invested in our latest bead mill, the horizontal full volume agitated bead mill Cenomic 3 from Buhler, Switzerland, ensuring higher energy efficiency in our liquid ink production process.



For our dissolving and dispersing process, we utilize both high-speed and slow-speed mixers. We have installed three high-speed mixers from Japan, Germany and India, and have added one more high-speed mixer to curb the production capacity demand, from Dynamech Industries, Malaysia.

Of the slow-speed mixers, two have been locally manufactured in Sri Lanka, while another is from India. We recently added an advanced slow-speed portable mixer from China to support increased volumes of raw material.


Filtering Machines

Filtering equipment or vibrating sieves are used to screen the production material for particles, powder or other resulting anomalies from the manufacturing process. We utilize a Vorti-Siv Vibrating Filter imported from the USA, as well as an additional filter imported from China.

Sithara has also installed a Bag Filter Machine from Singapore, with a more recent addition of an Automatic Packing Machine from China.

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